What's New

2015-2016 School Year

  • The new school year will start on Monday, August 31st, which will be day 'A'. Grade 10 to 12 students who have not yet made their course selections should come to school during the week of August and meet with the vice principal to select their courses before school starts.
  • If you have not received a newsletter regarding the several changes being implemented for the new school year, please contact the main office and request that one be e-mailed to you.
  • Since much information is sent to parents only by e-mail, please make sure that we have an up-to-date e-mail address for at least one parent.
(Posted on Jul 17th)

Canadian International School (CIS) is a private co-educational institution which offers a complete Canadian K-12 program.
Canadian-certified teachers conduct classes in English using the same curriculum methods and resources as in schools in Canada.

CIS is accredited by the Prince Edward Island Department of Education.

CIS is accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

CIS is an authorized school for the IB PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program)

CIS has also received recognition from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan, and thus the graduates of CIS will be able to apply to universities in Japan without writing any special exams for academic equivalency.

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