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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement and High School Graduation

Post secondary opportunities are plentiful for CIS grade 12 graduates. As graduates of our accredited Canadian secondary program they will be eligible for admittance to universities in Canada and other western countries. Successful CIS students will receive a Canadian (PEI) graduation certificate which is recognized in all provinces of Canada. The highly academic high school program provided by CIS will also ensure that successful students will achieve post secondary entrance requirements for Canadian and other universities.
In addition to the regular Canadian High School program CIS is also an accredited Advanced Placement (AP) school. The AP program provides advanced university level programming to academically advanced students while they were still in high school.
Most universities in Canada, the US and Japan have AP entrance policies which grant incoming students credit, placement or both for qualifying AP grades. The advantage to the AP program is that students can have more challenge in one two or more subject areas in which they have personal interest and still complete other courses are the high school level if they wish.
Currently CIS Tokyo offers fully accredited AP courses in Calculus AB, English, World History, Chemistry and Physics B. CIS also offers teaching support for many other AP subjects provided the student demonstrates the aptitude. 
For students who qualify AP also provides for AP Scholar Awards and the AP International Diploma. Both of the above are globally recognized certificates which display exceptional achievement across several disciplines.
For more information on the AP program visit the College Board of the US website at:
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