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Welcome to Canadian International School’s Elementary and High School Libraries

At CIS Tokyo, we have two libraries. In building A, the library is used by our students from grade K3/4 to grade 5. Students visit the library on a weekly basis to take out and return books as well as to learn about information literacy. A favourite part of class visits to the library are read-aloud story sessions. Older students begin to develop and enhance their critical reading and research skills in preparation for their PYP exhibition at the end of grade 5.
The middle school/high school library is located in building C and used by students from grades 6 to 12. The library is open twice a week after school for students to borrow and return books. Both libraries offer a range of age-appropriate materials.
Throughout the year, there are opportunities for parents to purchase books. Our book fairs are always exciting events when students and parents can purchase Scholastic books. Moreover, through our book club, offered by Baker Books, families can purchase books several times during the school year. We earn points for all books purchased, which we use to order additional books for the library. 
Two programs that the library participates in are the Sakura Medal program and the Forest of Reading program. For the Sakura Medal program, librarians from various international schools in Japan nominate recently published books in various categories. Students who read five books (four for middle school) in any category are eligible to vote for their favourite title. Votes are tallied across all participating schools, and the winning author in each category receives a Sakura Medal. For additional details, please visit the Sakura Medal website at 
The Forest of Reading program is offered by the Ontario Library Association to highlight Canadian authors, illustrators, and publishers. Intended for readers across the country and those in Canadian international schools, the program occupies an important place in Canada’s literary scene and encourages reading among people of all ages. Further information on the program can be found at 
Link to CIS library catalogue on website
At CIS Tokyo’s libraries, students can look forward to a literary adventure as together we gain an appreciation and further our love of reading! 
Mrs. Lisa Sullivan, Librarian
Canadian International School
5-8-20 Kitashinagawa Shinagawaku Tokyo Japan
TEL: 03-5793-1392
FAX: 03-5793-3559
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