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Senior High School(9-12)

CIS Senior High School, Introduction

Senior High School

During high school students complete a planned sequence of core and elective courses which can be selected to reflect a student's personal interests. Core and elective high school curriculum at CIS includes courses in English language arts, mathematics, general science, biology, chemistry, physics, history, computer studies, Japanese, music, physical education and art. Selection of certain elective subjects makes science/business and arts/business streams available as options for study. At CIS students will earn high school credits resulting in a Canadian academic high school graduation diploma. This academic graduation also provides students with post secondary entrance requirements for many Canadian and other universities. Significant student personal academic counseling is provided as students make these course selections and begin outlining their post secondary interests.
Other opportunities at CIS include the provision of advanced placement (AP) exams, from the College Board of the United States in some grade 12 subject areas. These exams written in the spring of each academic school year can provide students with post secondary academic credits and/or placement in many North American universities.
As students move through this last phase of their secondary education at CIS there is increased emphasis on the accomplishment of the skills necessary for success at the post secondary level. Teaching strategies, and student evaluation, provide a message to the students of the importance of organizational skills, emotional intelligence, and work ethic. Academic feedback and success enable students to discover their learning styles, and prepare for the challenge of the post secondary environment.
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